ZeroCO2 - Compensate your CO2 Footprint



ZeroCO2 monitors your phone's carbon footprint and keeps track of the CO2 emissions from your device. These CO2 emissions come from the data usage of your device. All cloud-services, emails, search queries, social network activities etc, are facilitated by large Data Centers, which consume large amounts of electricity to keep your data streams flowing. Over its lifetime, an iPhone can emit up to 60 kilograms of CO2. This electricity typically does not come 100% from green sources, and therefore leads to CO2 emissions. That's equivalent to more than 300 kilometers driving in a petrol-fueled car.

Do you want your phone to become CO2-neutral? Then use the app to plant trees to compensate your emissions! With its comprehensive graphs, you can easily monitor how much CO2 you emit, and how your planted trees compensate these emissions. With every planted tree, you receive a certificate that proves the authenticity and shows the location of the planted tree.

Prevent climate change, and become a carbon-neutral iPhone user!

Note: Trees are planted by our partner Tree-Nation, the worldwide platform to reforest the world and fight climate change. All trees planted by Tree-Nation are certified by the best in class and most renowned certification standards that exist in this field. For this, Tree-Nation works with third-party certification organizations such as VCS, Gold Standard, and Plan Vivo.