Welcome to Caramba Apps !

Caramba Apps develops innovative utility and entertainment apps. Our first app EasyMeasure was released in January 2010. It was the first camera-based measurement app on the App Store, and still provides unique value to a large user base.

Besides EasyMeasure we published several apps that were truly unique when introduced. Examples are Music TV (play YouTube videos in a playlist) and Remote Battery (show your iPhone battery level on your Watch).

In addition, we pioneered several innovative apps many years before Apple embedded similar functionality in their operating system. Examples are: Screentimer (released in 2016, tracked your screen time) and Koala Browser (released in 2015, a browser that automatically made the screen less intrusive during night time).

We currently have 14 apps live in the Apple App Store, and 3 apps on the Google Play Store. Contact us when you have ideas for new innovative apps or when you are interested in purchasing apps.

News (updated December 2022)
• May 2022: Check out our new app ParkEnd ! Never pay too much for parking.
• January 2022: How to fill out Android's Privacy Policy / Data Safety Form: check out here
• June 2021: Check out our innovative crypto-apps XRP Wallet and Stellar Wallet, both featuring a unique peer-to-peer marketplace.
• April 2020: We released a new app called Nose Ball. The app uses TrueDepth camera technology to provide an unparalleled mobile gaming experience where players use their own face as the controller.
• July 2019: We released a new app called Instaweather. The app will tell you the weather for all your photos in your album. Knowing the weather helps you to relive the feeling when you took the photo. Enjoy!
• November 2017: We released 4 apps that make use of Augmented Reality in iOS 11: EasyMeasure, EasyMeasure AR, EasyDistance and VR Tube! Check them out.