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DuoMeasure for iPhone 7 Plus - Measure Distances with your Camera!

Unique: Measure the distance with a stereo image from the two back cameras of your iPhone 7 Plus!

The two back cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus offer a unique opportunity to calculate the distance to objects seen be the two cameras. This effectively mimics how the two eyes of human beings enable distance estimations. This app enables you to utilize this phenomenon and use your iPhone 7 Plus as an accurate measurement device!

The scientific term for distance calculations from two cameras is stereopsis, or binocular disparity. Distance is derived from the different projection of objects onto each retina to judge depth. By using two images of the same scene obtained from slightly different angles, it is possible to triangulate the distance to an object with a high degree of accuracy. Each camera views a slightly different angle of an object seen by the left and right camera. This happens because of the horizontal separation the cameras. If an object is far away, the disparity of that image falling on both cameras will be small. If the object is close or near, the disparity will be large.

DuoMeasure is using an innovative, highly efficient calculation algorithm to quickly derive the distance to objects you capture with your camera. No need for tape measures anymore, as DuoMeasure will work accurately up to 2 meters! No calibration needed!

NOTE: Due to the close separation distance between the iPhone 7 Plus cameras, DuoMeasure can measure accurately between 15 and 200 cm (6 - 80 inches). Best results are obtained when you support your phone on a stable surface when taking measurements!

1) Ensure the object you want to measure is within the yellow target box
2) Tap the Measurement button
3) DuoMeasure will need a few seconds to accurately derive the distance to the object, using the two cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus

- Support your iPhone on a stable surface to ensure minimal movement of your phone during the measurement
- Always use your iPhone in portrait orientation when using the app
- Make sure the object you intend to measure has sufficient 'edges'. Especially vertically oriented edges help to make the measurement successful. A completely uniform area cannot be measures, as the two cameras will not be able to distinguish differences from their view points
- Ensure a well-lit, bright environment. If the measurement is unsuccessful, you can switch on the flashlight in the app.
- During the measurement procedure, try to hold the iPhone as steady as possible. For best results, place or lean your iPhone against a solid, stable support when taking a measurement
- Measurements up to 2 meters are possible, and down to about 15 cm

DISCLAIMER: To function correctly, this app needs the 2 back cameras that are currently only available on the iPhone 7 Plus. The app will not work on other devices. To measure distance on other devices, please use our app EasyMeasure.